Black Friday Sail

We're offering a fantastic rate for our Black Friday Sail.
It's just 6.99%
Don't wait too long. This offer is only good until 11/30/17.
Click here to apply or call 860-646-8870.

*Quoted rate is based on a 24 month term and member having a 680+ credit score. Minimum loan $500, max loan $3,000. Standard underwriting guidelines apply.  Promo Rate not eligible for additional discounts or combined with any other offers. Other great rates & terms available. The monthly payment for every $1,000.00 borrowed for 24 month at 6.99% is $44.77. Rate effective 11/01/17 through 11/30/17.



Great Deal from Enterprise Car Sales

From today, until Thursday, November 30th, 2017, Enterprise Car Sales is offering Kelly Blue Book AND an EXTRA $500 for your trade, if you buy a car from Enterprise Car Sales.

Click here to begin your search.





 Too busy to come to the credit union? Don't! Use our mobile app.

Use our redesigned mobile app to check balances, deposit checks, transfer funds, pay bills and more.

Click below to download our mobile app for iPhone and iPad as well as Android products.







Too busy to come to the credit union? Don't. Use our mobile app.

Use our redesigned mobile app to check balances, deposit checks, transfer funds, pay bills and more.

Click below to download our mobile app for iPhone and iPad as well as Android products.





Can't get a credit card? We can help!


Are you sad because you can’t get credit?
Do you need to repair your credit?

Use our secured VISA card to repair and reestablish your credit.

Click here to complete an online application. Or click here to print one and bring it into the credit union.





Make sure we have your e-mail, so you don’t miss credit union news & events.

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 Stretched to the limit?

High Rates Stretching your limits? Get our VISA(R) Classic or VISA(R) Gold card and relax.

Click here for more info on our low, FIXED rate VISA(R) cards.






Standing in Line

If you used our mobile app, you might not have to stand in line.


Click below to download or download at your app store.







Carpe Diem

Isn’t that Latin for relax, your credit card rate is still low and fixed?

Apply for one of our low rate credit cards and start saving money.

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Mobile Deposit


In today’s ever busy world, finding the time to simply run to the Credit Union to deposit a check can be time consuming. Save yourself time with Northeast Family’Mobile Deposit program.


Mobile Deposit is a service that allows you to deposit checks electronically anywhere, anytime using your Smart Phone.* It’s safe, secure, and as easy as 1-2-3!


And, there is no fee to use this service.

Step 1:  Download and log in to Northeast Family’s Mobile Branch App

Step 2:  Select “Check Deposit”

Step 3:  Follow the step-by-step instructions


Get Started Today

Download NFFCU’s Mobile App:

Download from Apple Store (for iPhone® and iPad®)

Download from Google play (for AndroidTM and Samsung)


For more information or assistance, please call our office at 860-646-8870, during regular business hours.


* A working Internet connection is required for use. Northeast Family Federal Credit Union does not charge you a fee for using this service. Use of the Mobile Banking feature requires a supported mobile device and you must download the Northeast Family FCU mobile banking app. An eligible Northeast Family account and Northeast Family Online Banking required. Certain other restrictions apply.

Remote Deposit Capture Member FAQ's




Need a loan? Pick up the phone.


Do you need a loan, RIGHT NOW?

Call us at 860-646-8870 NOW. If you apply before 1pm, most days we can get your answer the same day.




 Loans to go

Need a loan, but can’t get out of work to come to the credit union? 
During your break, during lunch, it doesn’t matter, we may be able to come to you. Call us at 860-646-8870.

Call us. We’ll help you. 860-646-8870. Some restrictions may apply.







Get approved today!

Do you need a loan? Do you need a loan, right NOW!

Call or visit us by 1pm and get your answer in 24-hours, or less!

860-646-8870 or 860-423-1601





 Bank Before Breakfast

Sign up for Mobile Banking, from Northeast Family FCU and bank any time you want, but don't forget to feed the dog.

Whether you’re up early, up late or just a middle-of-the-day person, use your phone, tablet or computer to access your Northeast Family Credit Union accounts whenever 
it fits into your day. Click here to download the form. Complete and send in and you'll be up and running in no time.






Keep your money local!

Have you ever noticed other financial institutions send their profits out of state or even OUT OF THE COUNTRY? That's not right. Keep your money locally. Keep your loan decisions local. Bank at Northeast Family Federal Credit Union, where everything is local.






Willimantic Food Co-op

Want to take advantage of the great rates at Northeast Family Federal Credit Union, but you don’t work for one of our groups?
If you’re a member of the Willimantic Food Co-op, you can open an account at Northeast Family.
AND, you can join the Willimantic Food Co-op at the credit union. Ask when you stop in.

Simply complete this form and bring it in to the credit union.







You can teach a dog new tricks

Our redsigned mobile app is making it easier.  And we have Mobile Deposit. Get yours now.

   • Smart, full-screen displays — including optimization for iPhone 7. 

   • Fewer taps for key tasks, like transferring funds.

   • At-a-glance details, like minimum payments and dates due, to keep you in the know.

  Download today with the at iTunes, Kindle or Google Play store.

  Click on the logo of your choice and download our mobile app quickly and securely.








Get your gift cards here.

For EVERY occassion.

Easier to wrap!
Easier to give!
Easier to unwrap. Give our gift cards.

Give them the gift card that let’s them buy what they want. Our gift cards can be used at millions of merchants worldwide, in person, by phone or online. More flexibility than gift certificates and greater safety. Choose an amount between $10 and $1,000. A one-time $4.95 activation fee applies to each card.







Member Cellular Discounts with Sprint

Get Sprint discounts.       
-        10% off select regularly priced Sprint monthly data service.
·        15% off select regularly priced Sprint business monthly data service
·        Valid in conjunction with other credit union and Sprint National handset and other promotions.
·        Verification of credit union membership required.

Verification form and corporate savings code is: NACUC_ZZM



Bills overdue?

Are your bills always late?
Are you tired of paying late charges?
Do you wish you could do something about it?

We can help! Call us today for more info.
Manchester 860-646-8870
North Windham 860-423-1601







Need a great credit card?

Our Visa Gold Card gives you: No annual fee, a great, low fixed 
rate of 10.50% APR* Don’t pay bank rates.  

Call Northeast Family Federal Credit Union TODAY! 860-646-8870

*For complete details, click here.



5 Top Excuses for Why Bills are Paid Late

In today’s world, we all get busy, we all have money issues (good or bad), so here are the top 4 excuses for paying bills late and how to fix or improve your individual situation. Remember, if you are running late on your payments, the first thing you should do is call Northeast Family Federal Credit Union.

Unfortunately, many of us know the consequences firsthand. A recent survey shows that half of Americans have made a late payment on a bill at some point -- and of those, 88 percent messed up in the 12 months.

There are lots of different excuses out there, but that doesn't mean they're good ones. It's time to figure out why you're paying late and how to make a solid strategy designed to make your payments on time again.

This is very important, if you are not paying your bills on time, you can ruin your credit within a matter of months. It could take you years to repair the damage. This could mean future loans being charged more interest or flat out being denied for a loan.

Excuse No. 1: I forgot.
We all get busy, it is Fall, schedules are not the same, especially if you are shuffling kids around. A due date just flies past you.

The fix: With so many bills due on different days, keeping track in your head is nearly impossible. So create a master calendar of what's due when, then set up email or calendar alerts to remind you a few days in advance.

Excuse No. 2: I don't have the money right now.
If you're spending more than you're earning each month, you'll never get up to date until you adjust either your income or your expenses. But often, having enough to pay bills on time is just a matter of planning.

The fix: Match your bills to align with each of your paychecks, then pay them right away. If you find that you have more bills than paycheck, you will see it right away and you can adjust your payments to match your paychecks. Plus, you'll know exactly how much you have left for other spending.

Excuse No. 3: I have no idea where my bill is.
Sorting through your mail on a daily basis can be overwhelming. If there's nowhere to put it, you'll put envelopes wherever you happen to be, so the cell phone bill ends up in a drawer, the credit card bill on top of the fridge.

The fix: You need a system for handling incoming mail. The key is you have to deal with your mail on a daily basis. Throw out the junk mail right away and put bills and other paperwork that needs attention somewhere that you know where it will be at all times. Then get in the habit of sorting through it once a week. Just knowing where to look for a payment slip can save you late fees.

Excuse No. 4: I just got too busy.
Who has time to sit down and pay bills for hours at a time.

The fix: Pay bills online or with downloadable apps, so you can make payments whenever you have a spare minute. Even simpler is to automate bill pay, either through your biller's website or through your bank or credit union's online banking. That way, money gets transferred automatically, and you don't have to think about it.

Excuse No. 5: I procrastinated.
Paying your bills is not fun. But, if you delay facing it, your late fees will pile up and your credit with be in the toilet.

The fix: Because procrastination is caused by trying to avoid things and not time management, you need to confront it. Post yourself a note on your refrigerator to remind yourself in a ‘public’ area that you need to pay your bills.

For chronic procrastinators, it's best to start small. Think of it like trying to lose weight. You're not going to lose 50 pounds in a month, but you can lose four pounds. And you may not pay all eight of your bills on time, but you can pay two on time.


FREE Credit report 

Protect yourself from identity theft!

You are eligible for a free credit report! Just go to or call 1-877-322-8228 to get your free report today. Thoroughly review your credit report at least once a year to look for suspicious activity. If you spot something, alert your creditor immediately.


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